Monday, June 4, 2012

Rented a Canon 5D Mark III, 6/2/12

OMG, I rented a Canon 5D Mark lll for 1 day, when Erick wanted to go to the zoo and my Canon 50D was in the mainland for repair. It was fun with Erick, Sookie and her children. Sookie is getting the camera bug.
This gibbon was having so much fun swinging around . Hee hee this was my best shot. Notice I could not get all of her.
Rusty was drinking water that he got from a faucet (he turned on and off) and Violet covered herself with this bag - it was very hot.  It was so hard to take a picture of them because they were facing a fence that you could not get to. So from far away, I made this picture and had to crop it so you could see what they were doing.

My ISO was 12,800. For those of you who are photo nuts like me - this was an incredible setting - and this camera could do it without too much noise.  The darkness of the "reptile section" and the glass made this picture very challenging.

I still wanted to use my rented camera. We met again @8 pm to make pictures under low light - always a challenge. This time Shun Wah joined us and she had an opportunity to check out this camera. We both use Canon, Erick and Sookie use Nikon.

My ISO ranged from 500 - 25,600. ISO allows the camera to capture more light and to take faster pictures.
 This is a smiley bike, I think it has 6 seats and 3 wheels.

 I enjoyed these guys.

Thanks Erick, Shun Wah and Sookie for a fun time in Waikiki.  Do I want this camera? Yes!!!!!

(One last note, due to me using another camera - the software I have did not recognize my "raw" files - which would mean I could not see the pictures.

Solution: import the pictures to iPhoto then export them as jpg. I then could see the pictures, edit them, and share them.)


jalna said...

What a fun day!!

celia said...

Especially trying out that Canon 5D Mark lll.

Erick said...

WoW, great shots! I want a Canon 5D Mark III too. Me Jellos!

SW said...

wow your night shots came out great! Mine were pitch black!! Now you got me wanting a 5DMIII!! aahhh!!!

celia said...

I too was amazed that I could get those night shots. It was good to see how both of our cameras stood the test of low light shooting.

Lance said...

My fav shot Celia was B & W pic of the crowd of people around the artist. Nokia still rocks, but great shots!

celia said...

It was cool seeing that crowd. I had to make that picture into B & W. Those street lights were harsh.

Anonymous said...

I miss you beig here.
SO good to be able to view the snap shots of the pictures you are (making) I am looking forward to seeing shots of the places you are visiting and memories you are capturing.

celia said...

Dusty, I miss you too. I luv your Favicon!. I am enjoying my trip but am struggling with having the software to work with my new camera. Think I finally got it.