Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lantern Floating Ceremony, 5/31/10

Yesterday, I captured 2 events. I just posted: National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, 5/31/10.

This post is the Lantern Floating Ceremony at Ala Moana Beach Park. The news mentioned that at least 40,000 attended this ceremony which included many photographers.
Messages were written on these lanterns, when it was dusk, each lantern was lit and sent out to sea.
This picture was really dark, but I was able to photoshop it to "fill light" to give you a glimpse of the many people. There were people along the shore line - including myself. It was actually very hard for me as I am height challenged. Many shots were deleted as I kept getting others in my way.
Some of the lanterns are released by these canoeurs, others released by those who walked into the water.


Erick said...

Great lantern shots, so cool in the dark blue water. Great shooting!

SW said...

nice shots! did you have to get into the water or those lantern shots?

jalna said...

I like that close-up lantern shot too!

Randism said...

you're much braver than i am; just mention the word "crowd" and i'm gone!

celia said...

Erick, thanks I was happy to get these shots

SW, I changed my lens from my 16-35 to 70-200, so I didn't have to get into the water. But feet were in the water.

Jalna, I wanted to get that lantern shot to tell the story of this memorial

Rand, yeah the crowd was overwhelming - bravery is good description.