Saturday, October 24, 2009

Portraits/Liliokulani Garden, 10/24/09

It was so nice coming to Liliokulani Garden for our portrait shooting.
Part of portrait shooting is having models to shoot. It was a pleasure shooting 2 children, 2 dogs and some of our classmates.
After asking his mom if he could take pictures, I thought it was precious how she involved him.

This dog is Abby. She was just featured in our local newspaper as a dog that gives comfort to those at Maluhia and Leahi Hospital. We were so fortunate to have her and as you can see she is waiting for her treat.

Actually, this is a candid shot.
I couldn't help myself shoot other things at this beautiful garden.


SW said...

your portrait shots came out awesome...very sharp and the background is blurred..just like a professional shot. Your plants shots came out really nice too. I think you found your niche. Very nice!!

celia said...

Wow thanks Shun Wah!

rand said...

terrific shots! keep up the great work ;-)

jalna said...