Sunday, October 4, 2009

From Point Panic, 10/2/09

Kaimuki High School Adult Ed - Beginning Photography met at Point Panic for a variety of shots - moon rise, sun set, and Hilton Hawaiian Village Friday fireworks.

"The name comes from the rock jetty that you'll slam into if you don't bail at the right time. Its like a game of chicken between you and the rocks, except the rocks never get out of your way."

I felt like a paparazzi as I took this picture, my zoom really can get in close.
In photography class, we learned about the "sweet light" which happens in the late afternoon.
More "sweet light" shots using my zoom.
As you can see, this is definitely a cropped moon shot.
While enjoying wide angle shots...
I didn't get any good fireworks. As it went off, I realized I still had my wide angle lens, PANIC, I changed back to my zoom, took some shots, and needless to say, not good . Ooops.

Sunset pictures? I didn't get any either, it was too cloudy.


SW said...

Wow.. nice shots of the sweet light and the surfers. I really like your moon shot. One day, you have to show me how you focused on the moon so it comes out so detailed and sharp!

jalna said...

One of my favorite spots for picture taking. Beautiful moon shot!

rand said...

yeah, i really like that moon shot.