Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wahiawa Botanical Garden, 7/18/09

Cool, a hasselblad camera!

Large depth of field, but while the shutter was open I brought the zoom in.  Check out the effect by double clicking on this picture.

Here is one done with HDR - high dynamic range with auto exposure blending.

Looking up with a fellow photographer, we wondered what that was up in the tree.  Since he didn't have his zoom, I shot it.
Checking the shot and zooming in , wow he was correct, it really is the tree's flower.
I still have proof that I was at this garden.  Maybe because it was raining not heavy but not drizzling, the mosquitos were out and boy did they have a feast with me.  I think I got on my face at least 12 bites and each arm got 20 bites.  Ooooooh, itchy!


SW said...

You caught the rain coming down on the purple flower shots. That's so cool. I really like your leaf experiment shots and the HDR effect. you can really tell the differences. Looks like you are getting to know the camera a lot..while having a fun shoot too. I wonder what that Hasslblad shots look like..

celia said...

OMG, my eyes are so bad, I never knew my pic shows the rain although it was raining. I checked it out and I can see water droplets on that purple flower. Wow thanks for your observation.

Erick said...

Cool plant shots! I like the high tech leaf HDR explanation. You sound like a pro. Great job.