Monday, July 4, 2022

San Jose and San Francisco, 6/3 - 6/5, 2022

I flew into San Jose to give my sister 4 lovely afghans our Grandmother made. Instead of staying with my sister, I stayed with my college roommate, Mary.

Saturday, June 4

Breakfast was yummy, we knew we would be doing a lot of walking. Thanks Mary for the sourdough waffles and Stephen for the mocha coffee.

There are many tiled staircases in San Francisco. Mary took me to this one at 16th and Morago. It was hard to capture the beauty of these stairs. 

Looking up, although it looks like the opposite.

The top

We made it.

We walked further up then went down another group of stairs and reached this other one. It is amazing all the pieces of tiles and that from a distance you can see the pieces come together to form a picture/painting.

We were fortunate that Guo Pei's "Couture Fantasy" was showing at the Legion of Honors. You should google her to see more of her pieces. 

We later enjoyed being at the Japanese Garden at the Golden Gate Park

After a full day, Mary made dinner. I forgot to take a photo of it, it was Chicken Adobo. This photo was actually last night's dinner. It was also yummy.

Sunday, June 5

At Google, we had fun with these over sized chairs.

These androids were all decked out. They even got bandaids painted on them - they got their COVID-19 vaccines.

Stone River at Stanford

My grandson loves to be read to. I love Sandra Boynton, I am so glad I found these books.

Thank you Mary for a wonderful weekend. It truly was fun. 

I also blogged the other day Flashback: Los Angeles 2019


Honolulu Aunty said...

I really enjoy your photos as you see new sites and travel - especially since I don't like to travel at all. And I also love Sandra Boynton's books. Her characters are SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Where are those stairs? Super cool! Even if I hate walking stairs. 😏

celia said...

Honolulu Aunty, I am now in Honolulu. I love to travel. I agree Sandra Boynton’s characters are so cute and have expressions.

Anonymous, the stairs are in San Francisco. They are all over the city. I still can’t imagine how they creatively make tiles with such details.