Saturday, April 30, 2022

Tehachapi, 4/17-19/22

Off to Tehachapi, this my second long drive. 
My first one was to Solvang about the same distance. The expected 3 hours was down to to less than 2 hours because it was a Sunday. I am fortunate that my college roommate had time for me to come and spend 2 nights with her. My son, daughter-in-law and grandson left on Friday for 5 days to be with friends in San Diego.

Since today was also Easter Sunday, many places were closed. Thank goodness this place was open. 

I like to know the history of places.  Luckily this was outside of the building that had a historic home inside but was closed because of Easter Sunday.

This was a wall art with history.

Tehachapi is known for its train that usually consists of 50 freight cars.

The loop was created so that this long train could get to the area it needs to go and avoid a steep incline.

We found one of the entrances to the Pacific Crest Trail which runs from Mexico to Canada.

I learned a lot about Cesar Chavez .

Had lunch here.

Vicki knows I like flat trails, so this one was a good hike.

It was fun waiting for this coocoo clock to open at Kohnen's German Country Bakery.

My last day

I loved seeing this little school house which is used for get togethers.

Good bye Tehachapi.

Thank you so much Vicki, a perfect host. I also enjoyed being in the country, a much needed vacation.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Not sure why but this area reminded me of the Netflix series of "Breaking Bad". I will look up Cesar Chavez. Sounds like a really great man.

celia said...

May 2014, I visited a friend in New Mexico, they were happy to say it was filmed there. Cesar Chavez did risk his life trying to create a Union for the laborers.