Friday, March 11, 2022

Food and the fam, 3/11/22

I have been enjoying Japanese food. There is a Santouka outside of Don Quijote in Honolulu - the town one. The one here is at Mitsuwa, they have a mini food court.

I drove to Irvine to meet a friend and she suggested this place. This Tonkatsu was delicious "oishii"!!!

Wandering around Sawtelle Blvd.; I was excited to see this place on Mississippi Ave. I certainly got my sweet tooth fix.

Most days, I stroll my grandson around the neighborhood for his nap, only stopping if I see something I like.

I like this photo as well as like his baby flawless skin. Mom and Ole Face Timing, This was the first time mom was away.

March 5, Jon said he was copying Ole.

March 10. I wanted to take a photo of them going upstairs. I am so very fortunate to be living in this 4 unit building and I am downstairs from them.

February 19. Ole not exactly happy. 

February 21. Ole learning to open his hand to pet their cat.

March 3. I love hearing his voice and seeing his smiles. 

March 6. He has so much energy. I am bracing myself - when he crawls and walks.

Just thought, I share this. In Los Angeles, you never know what you will see.

I hope all is well. This has been a rough two years, for everyone.


jalna said...

Nice!! I love Santouka ramen.

celia said...

Thank you Jalna. It has been quite a change for me. I am really enjoying my grandson and guess what my unit is 1,200 square feet. I have been to Mitsuwa many times with my friend Naomi but never ate at their food court. It is small but they have, I think 4 vendors. At another time, my friend Heather suggested we eat there. I was happy to see Santouka.