Sunday, July 25, 2021

Lanikai Sunrise, 7/25/21

Early morning tagalongs (Derek, Wes, Milton S, yours truly), met at 5:45 am. Yours truly realized that she did not bring the correct camera plus this one had hardly any battery left. Luckily,  I had my iPhone 12.

Now my knee is wet.

I wish, I got more photos of this dog jumping in the water.

There were more people, at least 3 groups with their photographers.

The sand is super soft. 

Not happy with how I look, oh well.

I redid my nails yesterday and wanted my friend whose sister owns Cosmic Beauty to see them.

We later had breakfast at Times Restaurant in Kailua along Hamakua Drive. Disappointing: was not much action, no birds in flight except for one duck who flew twice unexpectedly. 

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