Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Foster Garden, 5/4/21

Derek, did his weekly Costco run, this week it was today, Tuesday. Any "Tagalongs"? Actually everyone but Walter (work) and Curtis (grandpa duty) were able to come. Everyone was: Derek, Bob, Gary, Natalie, Wes, Dewey, Milton S. and me self.

Notice the green things, sorry I do not know the name - when ripens it becomes red. Natalie and I only noticed two that became red. 

Sorry Natalie, you were so focused and I had to show proof that you were. I decided to find water droplets somewhere else.

Now, I must have spent an hour capturing these. With any little breeze, the water droplets jiggle. The droplets may look blurry since I had to crop my photos.

This cottony floss comes from the Kapok tree. "The seed pods release cottony floss, once use to stuff pillows and life-preservers"

It is always fun to go out and we look forward to seeing each others photos. It is always amazing to see what others saw.

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