Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Foster Garden, 11/2/20

Remind me what day it is.  Being retired this is the only drawback, I actually just checked my phone and yes, it is Tuesday. 

Derek, Steve (not retire), Milt S., and Dewey were there. It was a shame that we did not see Wes. Luckily I was outside talking with my friend, Carol, and saw Wes leaving. I stopped him, we talked and got his number and shared it with Derek so next time we can call him.

I spent time with Derek, trying to figure out how to get sharper images. Yikes, I think I need to read my manuals. Thank Derek.


jag21330 said...

Nice signature photo of a water drop.
I also like your photos of the bees. Another nice set of photos Celia.

celia said...

Thanks, I really like getting reflections in water droplets. I do like bees in flight.