Sunday, October 25, 2020

Zoo, 10/25/20

Well look who is happy. Derek, Bob and myself hung by Kapiolani Bandstand before going to the zoo.

I was looking forward to seeing the flamingos. Ah, they were content sleeping.

Now these two started getting into each other's way. Thank goodness it did not pursue.

Bob, was helpful by having me step up on the tiny ledge of the fence and was behind me to make sure I did not fall. Yay, I got the tiger thanks to Bob. Me height challenged?

Hmm? Just showing the older skin with the younger. Even animals have this issue.

Did I mention it was hot? I was sweating before we got to the zoo. My backpack was on me for only 20 minutes. I was again disappointed with no warthogs. As for Rusty and Violet, the orangoutangs, they will be changing cages tomorrow. Violet gets the big area. With COVID, the zoo will allow 5 at a time to see them, and you can't get up close to their cages like before.

Although, I did not get many photos, I enjoyed the day with Derek and Bob.


jag21330 said...

Love the flamingos and the tiger. Sorry you did not get ant photos of the warthog, I was looking forward for them.

celia said...

Thanks. Me sad, no warthogs.

jag21330 said...

Sorry no bawling. 😄

raskil said...

Enjoyed your photos, especially the giraffe one. My eyes saw them looking for food and the "old" one finding some.

celia said...

Thanks Bob. Hopefully the younger one will learn from the older one in finding food.