Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Foster Botanical Garden, 9/22/20

We wore our face masks and kept our distance Derek, Wes and myself. 

Looking at texture, the next photo shows the other side of this thingy.

Derek, saw me sitting on a bench stalking this egret as it stalked for food. Short of doing a video, this is what he/she did.

What I did notice about their behavior is when they are ready to get their prey they raise their head and their neck undulates. TMI.

My high school friend who works here and I chatted for awhile on the stone bench before the entrance. We wore our mask and noticed 2 women going to the window to pay. One had a mask attached to her wrist, the other one did not have a mask. The lady without the mask had to go back to her car to get hers. Good job Foster Garden for enforcing wearing face masks.

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