Saturday, December 21, 2019

Kapiolani Community College - botanical area, 12/21/19

Plan A was the zoo to see the animals get their Christmas presents. However due to iffy wet weather which included high winds - the zoo decided to cancel this event with concerns of injuries that might happen with the gusty winds.

Oh no, now what? Derek, Walter, Bob, Milton S. and I did not want to go home - ah ha - Kapiolani Community College's garden. Luckily it did not rain, not much sun but we did our best.

 Patience paid off

Notice the gloomy sky. I also am amazed how this lonely tree can withstand the winds.

I am happy with the soft background of the following two.

Looking for things to capture.

This photo was done with my iPhone 8. I just could not get it with my 24-105 lens.

Yay it turned out to be a good day with breakfast at Denny's and Plan B.

I did another blog - I was too busy to post it earlier. Honolulu City Lights 12/10/19


jalna said...

Nice Plan B!!!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna. The guys did Plan A today, 12/28. I went to do mochi pounding.