Saturday, November 16, 2019

Waimea Valley Park, 6/17/18 Canon T6

I finally found a software for this camera. I used PhotoscapeX, however when I did a "save as" I was unable to save it as a smaller file - hense some are 6k.  I did delete the Affinity program because it grabbed my photos and caused the program to not work - ugh.

It was fun to see photos I took awhile back. As you can see I used my macro lens.


jalna said...

That peacock! Gorgeous. Are you using the free version of Photoscape X or did you upgrade to the pro version?

celia said...

It is amazing how beautiful a peacock is - too bad the peahen is not. I am using the free version however, some of my edits say Pro - I wish I knew how to change the size of the file. I really like Lightroom - just don't want to be charged $10.46 each month. Jalna what do you use to edit?

jalna said...

I use Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS6 on a 6-year-old Mac. I use the original OS that came with the computer and haven't upgraded to any of the newer versions. I've been told that my software won't be able to work with newer operating systems so I'm praying that this computer will last for awhile longer. I've even bought a new computer and am trying to use the old one just for photo editing to spare it from excessive use. Paying a monthly fee would totally be unfeasible for me since I'm not into photography as much as before. Unfortunately, I still rely on editing to get decent-looking photos.

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