Sunday, January 6, 2019

Zoo, 1/6/19

Happy 2019 everyone! Amazing - it is a new year already!

We were fortunate that the weather was not hot and not cold.

Hmmm? Spider webs!!! This is the cage of two owls. I could not take a good photo so I decided to focus on yes the webs.

This bird fell asleep but I waited until he got up. I saw earlier that he had pretty orange eyes.

We found this view since his back was turned to us on the other side. I did my best to get this shot.

Although Rusty and Violet remain separated, they are given time in both habitats. The zoo has made it nicer. They even cleaned the glass of the large area where Rusty is. Thank goodness things have been added to make their spaces better.


jalna said...

I love the pattern on the duck's feathers in the first photo!!

celia said...

Cool huh? Jalna