Thursday, October 25, 2018

Up a Tree, 10/22/18

I assisted Eyes of Hawaii Photography Club by doing the slideshow for this month's theme "Up a Tree".  I had a list of themes to choose from which can be daunting. I therefore asked a coworker for her suggestion and yes this is the chosen theme. I want to thank Milton Hee for being so patient with me. We used iMovie.

Up A Tree


Anonymous said...

Holy Mackrel!! How gorgeous oh man hope you put it on You tube and I can see this on a FB Bird's page just for the gorgeous birds, so many possibilities for so many groups if edited, though that's not your intention. Some just took my breath away. Awesome, awesome. -N

jalna said...

Awesome photos! Great job!

celia said...

Thank you N and Jalna. I volunteered to do November’s theme - More Than One or Reflections or do both. I need more experience doing iMovie. Erick has also been doing the themes - his are super duper!!!