Monday, July 9, 2018

Chinatown Courtyard Tour with AARP, 7/6/18

Thank you Paul Nakatani and May Uyehara for letting us know about this AARP event in conjunction with Hawaii Heritage Center Walking Tours. This tour was visiting Chinatown Courtyards.

We enjoyed "dim sum" before going on our tours - there were around 100 of us. They had the photo group together; we are members of Eyes of Hawaii.

Courtyard 1

Courtyard 2
Sorry, just this

Walking to Courtyard 3, we came across the well known Club Haba Haba which was active back in the day.

 Courtyard 3

This hoister is in the beige building that you see in the above photo.

Courtyard 4 had this "Lucky Budha" Chinese beer bottle. Apparently when the owners of this court yard made improvements lots of interesting things were found in their walls - drugs for sure.

Got low for these mushrooms.

There was a terrible fire in Chinatown. Although the remedy to combat the bubonic plague was fire, it got out of control. They had to import bricks from the east coast to rebuild Chinatown. Now there are owners of the courtyards that are helping to keep the place from being a neglected. The tour was fun and eyeopening.


Anonymous said...

Wow I see chinatown through your lens and it's sooo historic and full of wonder...and I get there every so often but have never seen it like thru your photos. You are an artist.-N

celia said...

Thank you N! This was a special tour - we were able to see some of places the public does not get to go to and learn of its history. Thank goodness there are individuals that are saving Chinatown. I enjoy creating blogs which help me remember places I have been to with my narratives.