Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lanikai Sunrise and Hoomaluhia, 5/6/18

Rise and shine - meet at Lanikai @5:30 am.  Derek, Dewey, Milton S. and I made it there.

I tried different ways of making photos - the first is a slow shutter speed to make the water soft. The next 2, I added an infrared filter. It did not turn out infrared but I am happy to add a red tone to give this iconic place a different take. I used the Canon t5i with a 16-35, 4 lens.

I found out, I actually needed to desaturate and then bump up the contrast to create the infrared for this photo with a slow shutter speed.

Before going into Denny's for breakfast, Milton S. and I knew the sound of the chicken was coming from up in the tree. Lol - try and find it - it is there.

At Hoomaluhia, I stayed at the top and used my Fuji x-t10 with the 18-55 lens. I chose to focus mainly on patterns - thanks Dewey for that suggestion. 

Just had to get in a flower.

By 10:45 am,  it was time to go home for a slumber.


jalna said...


celia said...

Thank you Jalna. I added an edit of the second red one making it more of an infrared.

SW said...

Great color variation on the sunrise. I like all the awesome patterns you found in nature in all your shots..

Erick said...

Cool shots!