Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lyon's Arboretum, 6/17/17

Derek, Milton S. and I braved the questionable weather. Whew it turned out fine.

This was the reflection I saw in the pot above.

I told Derek, I hear a toad/frog. Lol, I don't know the difference. Derek spotted it here. Thank goodness it was there and not by me. You would have heard a terrible scream.

Here is to you Milton. I had to squat to get this photo.

Lunch at Asia Manoa was delicious. I enjoyed the Curry Chicken Chow Fun. 


jalna said...

Very nice!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna, I have been really trying to make more interesting photos. My go to is my 70-200 lens.

SW said...

Nice water reflection shots. yuck.. i don't like the toad! Although it was overcast skies, i really like the nice and soft lighting on the flowers.

celia said...

Thanks Shun Wah, The second water reflection, I really used Lightroom to define the leaves - that was a challenge. Yes, I don't like toads either. It was helpful with the overcast and to be safe we did not venture very far. Lyon's is such a nice place to go to.

Jon said...

These are great! I have lots of favorites in this set!