Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hoomaluhia, 5/7/17

Six of us met at Denny's for breakfast. Took advantage of the Senior choices.

I used my zoom 70-200 lens for these photos. I was happy to get this orange flower from the first parking lot.

Imperial bromeliad

Having fun, capturing Derek as he was capturing me.

Same image, did some cropping

Don't know where the parents are. Thank goodness.

I apparently went left instead of going right after crossing the bridge. Derek found me after awhile. Oops.

Back with the guys.

Walter - it was fun with your son. (Inside joke about 5 hours) still makes me laugh.

After our outings,  I enjoy seeing everyone's photos. We rarely have the same as everyone scatters to what peeks their interest.


jalna said...

Fun outing!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna - it was fun! As for the piggies - a little boy scared one of them and he ran into the bushes. The black one just continued grazing.

Erick said...

Cool shots! Cute piggies.

celia said...

Thanks Erick - I was trying some artsy fartsy. The gray piggy got scared when he heard kids and ran into the bushes. The black one continued grazing.

SW said...

Nice and lush there.. didnt realize that they had so many types of plants.
Cute wild pigs..I heard theyre everywhere now!

celia said...

Hi Shun Wah, it is very beautiful here. I am glad we only saw the piglets.