Monday, April 3, 2017

Foster Botanical Garden, 4/2/17

Yippee, 7/8 of us were able to make photos. Thanks Derek for arranging this get together. 

I used my 70-200 lens as I wanted to get Canonball flowers and butterflies. I think this is my go to as long as I am not taking photos in the orchid green house.

I was intrigued as I have never seen this stage of a drying leaf.

Canonball flowers...

A busy bee

Never saw the top of a palm.

At first Milton S. informed me there is a cardinal in the tree. I never saw the second one land as I continued to photograph the cardinal. Milton S. is our resident bird whisperer.

Just joking...look is what is happening behind Buddha's back.

Close up...

Sorry guys, could not have lunch - off to a Dominos game.  I did our enjoy breakfast at Zippy's.


Unknown said...

I'm with you, never saw that stage of a dying leaf. So cool.

celia said...

Thanks Mark. I staged the leaf to give it more attention.

SW said...

Nice collection of plants and birds. Great colors. Im glad you got the cannon flower.

celia said...

Thanks Shun Wah. I am so glad I used the 70-200 especially getting the bee, birds, and butterflies.