Friday, December 23, 2016

Zoo, 12/23/16

When we entered the zoo, we were informed orangutans Rusty and Violet are opening their presents. However, Milton S. spotted these darling ducklings back lit and I needed to also seize the moment.

I posted on Facebook: Looks like Rusty and Violet are "over" their gifts - they were "nice" this year. Hope you can see them (orangutans) in their hammock - the enclosure glass is thick and cloudy.

I am happy that the 4 gibbons have a more fun place - this is the littlest one.


Notice his shirt, he is the Zoo photographer, Rod Kuba. Dean and I got to speak with him.

I am not sure who did this impressive mosaic.

Where shall we go for lunch? Unanimous - Kim Chee 2 in Kaimuki - Milton S., Derek, and Dean - Dewey couldn't join us.


jalna said...

Fun outing! Happy Holidays to you!!!

celia said...

It was fun. I am enjoying the Winter break. Happy Holiday to you Jalna!!!

SW said...

The 'unimpressed' expression on the tiger and the unwrapped gifts shots are so funny.. good catch. Looks like a great day at the zoo.

celia said...

If Eyes has a theme for snobby expression, that tiger would be mine. I took the Orangutan photo with my iPhone because I thought it was hilarious and I was able to get that wide angle.