Saturday, February 28, 2015

Transformed, 1/29-2/12/15

I took this photo on Sunday, Feb. 1 and posted it on Instagram and Facebook: I don't mind going to the laundromat in exchange for a disconnected washer and dryer because my place is getting renovated!!!

I now feel that "renovated" is not descriptive enough "transformed" is. I also decided not to show you before and after because "after" is awesome.

Shai Tal, contractor, chose to embellish my mirrors instead of removing them. I chose one color for the entire place. It is Marquee, Parisian Taupe from Home Depot. The flooring is also from there and it is Allure, Resilient Planks.

I like how Shai continued the flooring into the kitchen as he did for the bedroom and den.

 I love my bathroom...

Shai, also changed out my bifold in my bedroom to this one. He used the former one down the hall infront of the washer/dryer.

Viola! Shai Tal. I can't thank you enough Shai!!!

Jon and Casey's last day (Feb. 13 -17, 2015), they are the reason I needed to transform my place.
It has been a long journey since Oct. 4 and Oct. 16, 2014 when I encounter water problems. Hence, I needed to repair my place. My journey was filled with challenges but that is in the past, I enjoy the present.

It was a peace of mind that Shai's contractors are licensed. I also want to extend a huge mahalo "thank you" to Ruth Otake who interviewed Shai when searching via Home Resource and said he can do the job. Thank you again Shai, your contractors - job well done and Ruth.


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where that cool wooden slatted screen is from? It's so practical.


celia said...

Thanks for asking, I purchased it from Inspiration.

SW said...

wow.. love what you did to your place. Love that wood panel used for displaying your works of art. The new bathroom and all.. great transformation!

jalna said...


celia said...

SW, I am happy to share the transformation and I look forward to coming home. I have to thank Shai!!!

Jalna, I agree it turned out so beautiful!!!