Saturday, February 8, 2014

Foster Botanical Garden, 2/8/14

This is my second attempt to use a flash to capture the botanical world. My other one was at Lyon's Arboretum

Derek again helped me while Milton S., Roger, Curtis and Dewey enjoyed going on their own. Kudos - Derek. Actually everyone has their own style so it was easier learning from one person.

This shows I need help. The flash won't even reach the hibiscus. I think I will have to get a flash bracket/grip or either become an octopus. It is not necessary to use a flash but if you want detail you need a small aperture which means you need help to make the shutter speed faster. Greek talk, huh?

I did not know there are white ohia flowers; I thought they were only red. I then made this picture into a black and white.

It is not your eyes, this is a blurry picture but lol, I like the effect. It also shows that it takes practice to do it right.

I am impressed that my son, Jon got many pictures of butterflies. Here is a link to his trip to Costa Rica: Monteverede.

Lunch was followed by at Nice Day. We enjoyed Angie's mochi, thanks Dewey. Sorry no picture.


Erick said...

Nice flower shots. Ha, ha, you look a little twisted.

celia said...

Erick, lol - I was contorted for a lot of the pictures - especially the bell shaped flower - as you can see I was trying to get a picture of it looking up into the bell.