Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fireworks and Bon Dance, 8/2 and 8/3/13

I had a fun weekend making pictures. 

Friday, August 2 - Fireworks from Magic Island with Gary and Linda.
Using my tripod- MeFoto A1350, I practiced a slow shutter speed to get this effect of smooth water. This was taken around 7:15 pm.
I have to admit - it is hard to take pictures of fireworks. If fireworks are taken too quickly they are specks of color and if taken too long they are over exposed. Whew, at least I got these although I wish I had done better.

Saturday, I enjoyed going to a Bon Dance. This festival is to remember those who have passed away.  The musicians are on  a "yagura" which is a high wooden scaffold which the dancers dance around. Depending on the music - sometimes the dance goes clockwise and vice versa.

I used the monopod of the MeFoto tripod. Milton S. thanks for informing me about this terrific tripod.
I think the light on the lady's face could have come from someone's flash. 

 As you can see, the drummers were below the yagura.
Before leaving, Erick and I had to have shave ice. Their shave ice was shaved so fine and the flavors were delicious - I had dreamsicle and strawberry cream.


Erick said...

That is a very cool tripod/monopod. Nice fireworks and bon dance shoots!

celia said...

Erick, thanks - low light is challenging. Yay, you got to see that tripod/monopod.