Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion Shows, 9/7 & 8/12

It was fun this weekend making photos of various fashion shows. The first one was at Ala Moana Center Stage - joined Erick and Sookie.

The following day, I went to the Hawaii Woman Expo. Erick mentioned that there was "Hawaii Most Beautiful Man" contest. Hee hee, that sold me.
One of the emcees
 The women were part of the Miss Hawaii Teen USA and Miss Hawaii USA Contestants

 The men were part of the Hawaii Most Beautiful Man Contest

Now that was fun!!!


Anonymous said...


Great photos (as usual)...really liked shots 1 thru 13 (especially 12&13!!!!). But why did you waste your time taking 14 - 21, no clue??? LOL

Guess Who...

SW said...

oooh la la.. you sure got a lot of great fashion shots. Look like these were great events to shoot..

Photo Fashionista said...

I wonder if that surfer guy gives lessons...I think I might want to learn how to surf after all. Lol!

celia said...

Guess who, what you don't hear is the hooting and hollering when I was taking pictures of 14-21. LOL - however, Erick said the ladies were tamer this year.

SW, yes oooh la la! Those guys were sizzling!

Sookie, sign me up when you sign up for those lessons

Erick said...

Nice coverage of both events. I noticed you have lots of shirtless guy shots. Ha ha.

celia said...

Erick, the guys certainly looked hot shirtless!!! Woo Hoo