Monday, March 14, 2011

Honolulu Festival, 3/12 &13/11

Fireworks Show Canceled for Honolulu Festival

Organizers of the 2011 Honolulu Festival announced that the Nagaoka Fireworks Show planned for Sunday, March 13, has been canceled out of respect to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on Thursday, March 10. The decision to cancel was made following discussions between Festival organizers and officials from Nagaoka City, Japan, where the fireworks show originates from and is one of the cities that suffered damage on Thursday.

However, the rest of the Honolulu Festival continued.

"The Honolulu Festival is Hawaii's premier cultural event, promoting understanding, economic cooperation and ethnic harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region."

Saturday, 3/12/11
Erick and I went between Ala Moana Center Stage and the Convention Center. At the Convention Center, it was a joy to see such energy...

This very entertaining percussion group is from Alberta, Canada.

Again endless energy.

This little girl is only 4 years old.
This picture does not do justice, she was quite lively. I was more focused on taking pics of the adults.
Sunday, 3/13/11
Today, Milton S., Roger, and Shun Wah and I enjoyed the parade. We did see Milton H., Stan C., Cora and Amy.
While waiting, I saw a neat pattern with the balconies and shadows, and this lady walking by.
The parade:
Yes, Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele wiz.

Top of a transportable shrine.

Hee hee, the size of this shirt is 400 XL.

Miss Kona Coffee is so sweet, Erick and I met her on Saturday at the convention center.

Due to low light, I got this shot. I like the effect.


SW said...

wow..lightroom really helped you get thru your photos! Nice capture of all he events. you guys got good seats in the front and center! Cool sunset shot and the building railings. nice colors overall!

Anonymous said...


Great the action shots! You always seem to catch the performers with such interesting expressions.

I agree with SW really nice colors.


jalna said...

Great coverage for those of us who missed the event, Celia!

celia said...

Jalna, the festival is incredible. I am glad I got to shoot some of it and share it with you. Shun Wah, finally I get what Erick has been saying about Lightroom. Hee hee my apologies Erick. Richard, I really like to capture action shots and expressions. You are on to me.

Erick said...

Nice coverage of the festival! Your little girl shots are so cute. Great coverage of the parade too!

Jon said...

Awesome pictures mom! You're so great at capturing expressions in the middle of movement.

celia said...

Thanks Erick and Jon.