Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zoo, 3/29/09

The weather was perfect for taking pictures at the zoo.  My sister and I went straight to the Sumatran tiger mom and her cubs.  I wish I could have gotten more pictures of them. ( I kept taking  pictures of them with the fence.)  It was fun to watch the 3 brothers play with each other and with their mom.

You may notice a glare on Rusty the orangutan; it is from the glass.  I am too cheap to get a polarizing filter.  I think I learned my lesson, I need one!

On a positive note, it was definitely fun at the zoo.


Erick said...

Very nice, good start to your blog. Great job!

SW said...

Cool name for your blog site. I'll definitely book mark this one. Very cute expression you caught of Rusty..The lens is working out really great for your tiger cub shots!

jalna said...

Celia, I just love every single picture in this post. I love the warm lighting in the tiger picture. It gives it such a serene feeling. Rusty's expression is priceless. I love the movement of the water in the turtle picture. Finally, I love the peacock's pose and the color saturation. Very, very well done!!

celia said...

Jalna, It was so neat to see Rusty and Violet in front of the glass. Glad you like his expression. He stole the show.